Friday, September 7, 2012

All About You – A special scrapbook

A few months back, my friend A from a local crafters group asked me to make scrapbooks for some students she teaches.

That sent me on a tizzy to see how I can help in making one which will truly be useful. It took me a couple of months to get the basics ready, figure out an easy-to-read font, content, and format ready.

And this is a result of that work. This is book is good for all children. There are more than 100 individually stamped images which the child colours herself/himself – to make the scrapbook her/his own.

Each page has been reviewed over and over again for usefulness. And as usual, I’ve used Fabriano Elle Erre card stock – so the child can write, scribble, colour directly on the paper.

These books truly have a piece of me in them. I hope whoever uses them will be enriched.

All About Me Scrapbook CraftyJC 1

I’ve used dozens of Papertrey Ink stamps – especially the Tiny Treats – Valentine Stamp Set.

All About Me Scrapbook CraftyJC 2 

Each page had a cheerful Caterpillar – a familiar face which travels with the child page to page

All About Me Scrapbook CraftyJC 5

And a star in each page – dreams do come true if you wish and work hard enough.

All About Me Scrapbook CraftyJC 8

I am not showing all the pictures here – for obvious reasons :). But the pages are All About Me, Pages on likes and dislikes, Friends, Family, Home, School, Holidays & Trips, and a couple of pages on what the child wishes to be when he/she grows up. Please do contact me if you want to see the other pictures.

Thanks for stopping by :) And please do let me know how you liked these.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the last page – an About page of the scrapbook

All About Me Scrapbook CraftyJC 15

Email me on or for more details or for placing an order.



  1. This is such a beautiful scrapbook.

    It's elegant. pretty and such unique stuff. And best part is that kids would love to colour it.

    keep it up

  2. WOW what fun the pages are crisp and clean Jaya how do you make everything so neat!!!

    1. Thanks Sonia.. you must see the amount of stuff I need to put away for recycling - because I smudged some stamping.. You are soo kind! :)

  3. Wow so CUTE yr album is looking :)each page looks awesome :))

    1. plz announce the winners for mothers day challenge:)

  4. Stunning!! Shows how much of the thought process has gone into it!! Lovely lovely gift for any kid!!
    I would love to see the other pages if you could share them!!
    CAS in all its glory!!
    A job well done!!

    1. Will post the other pics too, soon. I am just worried about being ripped off .. u know what i mean!! :))))

  5. wow ,this is lovely creation.will give absolute happiness for owner.

  6. I really loved this whole concept of an interactive scrap book so much Jaya.. its so unique and child friendly !! your work as always is just flawless and you do such amazing CAS work...i think any child would love to get a scrapbook like this!! truly a job well done :)

  7. you should bring these for the mela next time around....:)

  8. Super..., very first glance shows the dedication, hard work and commitment.

    Keep going...

  9. What a fabulous idea Jaya! Wow! And so beautifully put together too! :) Awesome gift for any child!


Thanks so much for your comments :)


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