Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mini book – A giveaway (Edited for a simpler giveaway)

Hello everybody.

Today is my birthday. Thanks for wishing me :D

Though I am a year older – not on the right side of older :D.. I want to thank the Lord for all the blessings in my life. My birthday gift this year is my new baby girl – Arpana Sarah – such a blessing indeed. I can’t ask for anything more – a great guy, two gorgeous daughters, a loving family, a great job and to top this a great hobby! Phew! Thank you Lord for this. Amen.

I have a mini book to share with you. Was a lot of fun to make this one.


There are thirteen pages inside – ideal for a mini Scrap for a year – especially for baby’s first year. One for the birth and one each for each month.

It measures 4inx4in.


Photos on the left and a white space on the left for journaling.


Outside has a couple of stickers and reads BLISSFUL :) Closes with a red ribbon. The pages are hand bound using chipboard

What went in

  • Chipboard & Papers from itsybitsy
  • Stickers for an old DP set
  • The book is made using this tutorial from sockmonkeycrafts and it took more than 10 mins for me! duh! But was fun :)


Now for the SIMPLER giveaway.

How would you like these:

  • this book
  • Some no occasion cards
  • A few book marks
  • And a DIY Cards pack good for making 5 cards

Here is where this gets simpler :)

Now all you have to do is - either leave a comment here on my blog or on One entry each.

LIKE-ing/FOLLOW-ing me is completely optional.. but of course I would love it if you world.

The giveaway has:
- A mini-book 4inx4in (pictures in the blog)
- Some no occasion cards
- A few bookmarks/tags
- And a DIY Cards pack - good for making 5 cards
Hear from you soon! And please do share/post on your blog - the more the merrier... and I just might be tempted to throw some more goodies in :)

Of course you need to do a couple of things for me :)

  • Follow my blog:
  • Announce this on your blog
  • Follow me on FaceBook :
  • Announce about this giveaway on FaceBook
  • Leave a comment here on this post or on FB telling me what you like here and what you would like to see

And send me an email to let me know which ones you’ve done and you get one entry for each of the above mail.craftyjc(at)

So in all – you can have upto 5 entries if you do all these :)

Giveaway closes June 30th

Looking forward to hearing from you :)



Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CJC Challenge #15 – Many Colours Holi! WINNERS

Ok, this one has been due for ages now. Please forgive me. I’ve also not been able to comment in you all your entries. Very very sorry. I promise I will be better in the next challenge :)

There were a lot of colourful entries… brightened up my dreary day indeed :)

And, here are the winners.

Jyoti Agarwal with her very stylish quilling – what a colourful platter that is :)


Bumblebee’s Pretty butterflies 


Pritesh’s gorgeous quilling. I am totally transfixed


And the winner is Jyoti Agarwal with her colourful platter :)

Thanks itsybitsy for the great sponsoring :)

Winners – I will get in touch with you about the Blinkie and the next challenge

And just two days left for the current challenge :)




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