Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Help me choose!

I started with this Blooms and Butterflies quilt for little K – hoping she’d use it for a long time. Take it with her to play dates, her grandparents’ and then college. Oh, she is four now. Grin :)

Here is where I am. Finished with the piecing of the fabric, put them together. Added one set of borders.

CraftyJC Quilt 1

Now I for the next set, I am stumped

Do I use the “Yellow/Orange on white” which is on the right.. or the “White on yellow/orange”?

CraftyJC Quilt 2

The Binding is going to be that dark blue on the right in the below photo. To pick out the blues in the squares.

CraftyJC Quilt 3


I am more inclined on the white dominant border (the one on the right) – I think this lets the centre squares pop.
But I would love to hear your suggestion.

What do you think?

What went in

Thanks for stopping by :)



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