Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas is near!

Love Christmas! And so for my very first Card Pattern challenge, I chose Christmas as my theme. The challenge post is here Challenge #40 Here is my take.

Christmas is near

Papers are all from Venus Traders – a local Pune craft shop.  I {heart} the gold paper. Sticker is from Daisy and Dandelion.  



Christmas is near

Would love to know you liked this! : ) My lil baby girl Keetee seems to love it ;)



ETA: Added a couple of snowflakes on the Red panel.. it was looking forlornly

Again ETA: Changed the picture again. The previous didn’t show the gold too well.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Say it with a Birthday hat!

It’s my mom-in-law’s birthday in a few days & I made this for her. She doesn’t check this blog so it is OK (I hope) to post this early :)

Picture 67

This has the dry emboss technique – which I read online. Have a look at this link on "from my ink pad to yours" for further details.

More pictures below

Picture 69    Picture 68

What took me the most time is what embellishment to add – stones or ribbons or glitter.

Thanks for dropping by.


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