Saturday, March 13, 2010

Love Birds

Ok. Love is not a verb here :) Though one should love birds, this card has Love Birds as a name.. hmm.. I am rambling here!

This is for someone who wanted to give a card to her fiancĂ© on their engagement day. How sweet isn’t it! Congratulations to them both.

P1010019 - Copy (16)

The love birds are from a digi stamp on PollyCraft here. Please let me know if you try this out.

P1010020 - Copy (17)

Chipboards from itsybitsy. Hearts are hand cut.

P1010022 - Copy (13)

Sentiment coined by yours truly :)   The edges inked with silver.

P1010034 - Copy (12)

This is what the inside says. I love the song by Bryan Adams “I finally found someone” The sentiment “Can’t wait….” is from that.. hope BADAMS wouldn’t mind :)

Thanks for looking :)

PS: For once, I think the close up shot has come out ok.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Little Birdie says Hi!

I am these days heavily into digi stamps. :)

There are so many lovely stamps available for free. I have a link on the side bar to a lovely blog with links to Free Digi stamps. Hope you find that helpful! :)

Ok, this is another card from the same exhibition I’d mentioned here.

  P1010014 - Copy (18)

Digistamp and digi paper :) Glitterati with the “shimmer” 3 outliner by Fevicryl

P1010013 - Copy (16)

Coloured with markers and a lil sticker to adorn the envelope

P1010017 - Copy (17)

This is the inside. Adding a little something on the inside add SOOO much to a card isn’t it!

What went it

What went in:
Sentiment - Computer generated.
Bird– Digi stamp from papercraftinspirationsmagazine 
Stickers – Neighbourhood Stationery
Ribbon & Card stock - Venus traders, FC Road, Pune  
Card Edge – Silver paint.  

Thanks for looking.

PS: Need any help with digi stamps, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you.

PPS: What glue do you use??

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Of Flowers and Bees

We had women’s day celeb yesterday at work and we had a small display of crafts by lady colleagues. It was lovely to see so many talented girls there :)

Here is one of the cards I had on display. Took a very quick picture before a colleague picked it up and hence the not so good picture

P1010030 - Copy (12) 

The proverbial bad close up :D. Didn’t want to disappoint you.. hehehe

P1010023 - Copy (13)

Thanks for seeing

What went in:
Sentiment - Computer generated. See below for download
Bee – Digi stamp from papercraftinspirationsmagazine
Flowers - itsybitsy 
Card stock - Venus traders, FC Road, Pune  
Card Edge – Silver glitter paint. Place a card stock close to the edge and just rub in the paint :)
Buttons and rope – Samrat store, Lakshmi Road, Pune  

I try and add the supplies I use and where I get them. I hope this is useful for you :)


Right click and save for the sentiment “thank you so much”


If you want me to create any specific sentiment, please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to help


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