Friday, October 1, 2010

Flower Power, Ms. FlutterBy & Candy

Here is a card which exactly the same as this but with a cute embossed butterfly.


I am liking the fact that once a card is made – it is soo quick to make a few more! :)

And I told you – I just have this one Birthday stamp :D

Now – how would you like some embossed die-cut butterflies?? Add a link to the blue froggy below and I’ll select a winner. And while at that, let me know if you want the butterflies in some specific colours. I’ll see what I can.

Candy closes October 8th. Will ship world-wide :o) lol


Flower Power and Ms. Bee

Sometimes its just a couple of cute sticker is all it takes to whip up a cute card.

Here is one witnessing this truth! :)


Moral of the story – keep buying stickers from wherever you find some. And these days, you find them everywhere.

Stitches  added with a silver Uno pen from Venus Traders. I need to find out shops in Bangalore now!

And yes, that’s the only Happy Birthday stamp that I have :) I need one where the sentiment is in one single line. Any suggestions?

Did I tell you I am shifting to Bangalore? Mid next month yes! Mid October.. so that is actually, well, mid-this-month!

Am I going to miss Pune – a BIG YES! sighh!



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