Friday, October 1, 2010

Flower Power and Ms. Bee

Sometimes its just a couple of cute sticker is all it takes to whip up a cute card.

Here is one witnessing this truth! :)


Moral of the story – keep buying stickers from wherever you find some. And these days, you find them everywhere.

Stitches  added with a silver Uno pen from Venus Traders. I need to find out shops in Bangalore now!

And yes, that’s the only Happy Birthday stamp that I have :) I need one where the sentiment is in one single line. Any suggestions?

Did I tell you I am shifting to Bangalore? Mid next month yes! Mid October.. so that is actually, well, mid-this-month!

Am I going to miss Pune – a BIG YES! sighh!



  1. Oh... :( I am feeling sad that your going to Bangalore :(
    Lets meet once before u go :(

    Card is super cute !

  2. Such a cute that smiley flower...oh girl! don't've got Juhi to help you in Banglore!
    Just the shifting and everything will be tough, but hopefully all of you and the little one will be settled well!

  3. awwwee.. such a cute card!.. happy packing! ;)

  4. lovely card...hey i have the same sticker too...may b can try doing the same thng heheeh....m sure ur going to love bangalore too...

  5. Hey such a cute card! u should be smiling ur way to Bangalore. i was thr last yr n u wld love the weather (ihave stayed in pune for 2 yrs too before tht :D) and dont worry u get a lota supply thr too.. rem itsy bitsy? he he. have a lovely time packing ur memories from pune!

  6. very cute card...nad welcome to bangalore Jaya..will catch once you shift here..:)

  7. Cute Card!!

    Shifting to Bangalore would be great for your crafting needs(lots of shops and lots of fellow crafters too :) ) though I like everything else about Pune :(

    Hope you will get settled there well!!


Thanks so much for your comments :)


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