Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Help me choose!

I started with this Blooms and Butterflies quilt for little K – hoping she’d use it for a long time. Take it with her to play dates, her grandparents’ and then college. Oh, she is four now. Grin :)

Here is where I am. Finished with the piecing of the fabric, put them together. Added one set of borders.

CraftyJC Quilt 1

Now I for the next set, I am stumped

Do I use the “Yellow/Orange on white” which is on the right.. or the “White on yellow/orange”?

CraftyJC Quilt 2

The Binding is going to be that dark blue on the right in the below photo. To pick out the blues in the squares.

CraftyJC Quilt 3


I am more inclined on the white dominant border (the one on the right) – I think this lets the centre squares pop.
But I would love to hear your suggestion.

What do you think?

What went in

Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. it is beautiful jaya and the one with bigger polka dots will do

  2. Here are my two cents :-).I think you are right about the big polka dots.If I look at just the orange panels,i like the smaller print,but when kept against the blue,I think it will look too busy.Bigger polka dot probably would probably balance everything out.

  3. This is looking so awesome Jaya :) I have so many quilting tutorials bookmarked for the day when I will have the courage to start on such a big sewing project :)

    My vote goes to bigger polka dots pattern :)


Thanks so much for your comments :)


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