Monday, October 12, 2015

Launching An e-Pic Challenge

Hello Crafty People..

I'm launching  a new challenge called An e-Pic Challenge.

It all started with Juhi of Juhi's Handmade Cards fame - posting an ePic picture.. based on which we had a quick challenge on FB.. I totally loved that format..

So here we go... An ePic challenge.. A picture will be posted every month for you to be inspired and post back your crafty entry. You may choose to be inspired by a shape, colour, theme, anything at all.

And the entry can be a card, an earring, a recycled product or anything at all. The only condition is it has to be Handmade.

Here is the ePic for this challenge..

I will try to rope in some goodies from other kind people. I will keep you updated... and here's to an epic run!! :)

  • If you'd like to sponsor this, please do send me a message.
  • If you'd like to send me an inspiration picture, send it across  


  • Please link in below with your entry, and don't forget to tell us what your inspiration was.
  • Handmade only please.
  • Last Entry Date is Nov 12th

PS: This picture is from a lunch I had with some lovely Bangalore Crafters at UB City


  1. Wow. ..looking forward to this. Great start Jaya.

  2. What an epic start, Jaya! Looking forward to have fun!

  3. Nice concept.. Looking forward to this!!


Thanks so much for your comments :)


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