Saturday, March 15, 2014

Birthdays are made of this!!

This is one long pending post. Nothing to do with Paper Crafting.. mm.. well, maybe a little bit :)

For the last 3 birthdays in our home - K’s 4th and 5th, and A’s 2nd – we’ve been having the birthday celebration at our home.. the decoration and cake (yes, cakes too) are all home-made and hand-made.. It has been a lot of fun.

Today let me introduce you K’s 4th birthday party – the theme being ‘Rainbows’.

I’ll not write too much.. and let the pictures speak :) More fun that way :)

The decorations in Rainbow colours – I skipped Indgo :)

CraftyJC Rainbow Birthday

Rainbow Pinwheels and flowers

CraftyJC Rainbow Birthday

Rainbow Balloons, Butterfly charms, more pinwheels, and tissue flower balls

CraftyJC Rainbow Birthday 


The Birthday Girl, her Rainbow dress and her cake

CraftyJC Rainbow Birthday



Cake complete with rainbow sprinkles and candles..

CraftyJC Rainbow Birthday


Her Cake all lit up..CraftyJC Rainbow Birthday


And her Cake cut up..yup, we had a rainbow coloured cake :)

CraftyJC Rainbow Birthday

Rainbow candy

CraftyJC Rainbow Birthday

Rainbow Cups with colourful umbrellas

CraftyJC Rainbow Birthday      


And my gift to K


CraftyJC Rainbow Birthday Shoes

Hand painted shoes with Rainbows and Sunshine.. Because she is My Sunshine and Rainbow. Love you K.
Both shoes have different themes..

Regular BATA canvas shoes, the print was hand sketched, outlined with permanent markers and then coloured in with Acrylic paints.It still is very pretty.

Tutorials & Recipes I used

  • The Rainbow butterfly mobile using the Sizzix Die : Birds & Butterflies Set
  • Rainbow cake recipe: Sin-a-mon
  • Rainbow Balloons – Design Mom
  • Painted Shoes – google. – The design is all mine, copyrighted and all that .. you can use it for your own purposes :)

I’ll soon post pics of the A’s second and K’s 5th birthdays… and not wait till K turns 7! :)))
I hope this inspires you to try this at home :) Any questions, please ask .. I am more than happy to help.


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  1. I love love this Jaya. I have always celebrated my kiddo's birthday at home too and these days have had the courage to tackle themed ones--they are so tough. I Especially love the butterfly chandelier!! This year my soon to be 8 year old is requesting a monster theme birthday....whatever happened to sweet little girls!!


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