Monday, June 24, 2013

A finish - A Child's Play - Frame-able art

Well, I spent the weekend trying to quilt that Blooms and Butterflies quilt I've been working on for months now.
I tried to do the "stitch in the ditch" - how boring to line up all those ditches with the stitches - especially given that my quilt is quite large - 68x88 inches - or something like that.

So, I tried a little bit of free motion quilting. What fun I say!! I think I will free motion quilt this one even though all the practice I've had is about 30 mins. After all, this needs to be fun for me too!

I thinking of the easy swirls - I wouldn't need to worry about all the overlapping :)

I hope I will have something to show you soon. But in the mean while, I wanted to post a finish. :) The finishes frame-able art K made last week.

Now to get this framed and send it to her grand-mum!!
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