Thursday, May 2, 2013

Domesticated Goddess

The husband looks over my shoulders and is quietly shaking with laughter. I turn and ask him what has happened. He says, he is surprised to see me at my sewing machine. Something he never thought he would see me doing. He says I am a spanner and wrenches kinda girl and watching me sew is a sight indeed. Me being domesticated!! :)

Well, I understand what he says.. but he doesn't understand the age old adage "Once a crafter, always a crafter".
I picked up a sewing machine - a Bernette 20 - very recently and have been trying my hand on quilting.

The quilt I am making now is for K and I hope she will use it for years. Yes, it is a BIG one for a 4 year old girl. But, you know what mums are like - bigger, better. :o)

This quilt is going to be a Blooms and Butterflies quilt - with appliques all over. Which means, I need to learn to applique.
And what you see above is the result of that learning. And this one are the mistakes.

I'd die cut the flowers and leaves using the Sizzix Bigz Dies linked below and the sewed them to the tea towel using blanket stitches.

Lesson from last night: You can NOT speed up some stitches. One stitch at a time, saves nine seam-ripping.

Sounds familiar?
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  1. this sounds so familiar. I would love to learn to sew properly someday when I have time. My husband goes into the grin mode every time he sees me even moving the sewing machine from one place to another :)
    The applique looks great, I am sure you will do great with the quilt :)

  2. ha ha ha, I can so relate to that!A quilt wow...I mostly take out my sewing machine for stitching on paper....The appliqued flowers look gorgeous.....I'm inspired to do some fabric die-cutting now!

  3. are brave.I am mighty scared of sewing inspite of my mother being an expert seamstress.The applique looks awesome.Great job done.Hope to see the quilt soon.:-)


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