Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Huh! Who'd have figured...

.. that size matters?

Well, once the truth hit me that most card makers use a 5.5''x4.25'' card base almost all the time, I was enlightened :)

Oh really! you may think I am a crazy nut! But most cards I make are double the size. I just fold an A4 and use it as a card base.. And then I try to figure out how to carefully stamp when the stamp was meant for half the size! Doh!!

Well, you are going to see so many cards in this newly figured-out card size - that you are going to tell me to take a break! lol.. I've made soo many cards and so quickly too.. lol.. I am glad I am enlightened.

This card is based on CraftyJC Challenge #11 - Pick Your Palette #3

An easy one layered card for, umm.. well Christmas :) :) :)

What went in
Had fun colouring those ornaments :)

PS: Wish I can link in my entry to the challenge! Atleast I can get the lucky random prize!
PPS: Yes, I am really posting this at 1 AM.. Just can't sleep. No, I made the card earlier but just photographed it now. That must explain the fantastic quality of the pic. Yes, I am being sarcastic
PPPS: Thanks for the tip about sizes Tejal :)
PPPPS: I must really go to bed now! :) Good night. You girls are the best! :))))


  1. Looks lovely Jaya! :) Very colorful and CAS!
    Hope you are doing well....take care!

  2. Jaya I figured the sizes out when I got cards from our fellow Indian crafters-- I too use an A4 folded in half -- it gives lot of room for decorating and as you say is difficult to embellish all that space!

  3. your card looks so lovely...but posting it at 1'o clock in night that must be some kind of record!!!but atleast you got a head start on all of your christmas cards:):)

  4. LOL..glad you figured it out. Initially I had trouble adjusting to such a small size because I had also always made big sized cards and I always wondered how people manage to put so many things on such a tiny card. Now its a different story. I struggle to make those big cards :D

  5. Hey Jaya, this is really pretty!u knw wht i also had no clue abt standard card sizes till recently, most of my cards measure 6x6 inches!

  6. i genrally made my cards in 4 by 6... so pretty close to the standard i guess... but i cant really make large cards.... its a struggle for me...


Thanks so much for your comments :)


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