Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paper cutters on ebay

A few of my fellow Indian crafters expressed interest on my paper cutter.

I see that ebay.in has a promotion going on on its Global Easy Buy – you can buy anything online at US rates – no shipping charges.

Look for trimmers here – very cost effective!  You get a wide variety here.

I hope this helps :)

I’ll soon post a picture of my trimmer here – but I think this offers a better variety & great prices. My trimmer is brand Deli – Chinese make I think – Rs. 2000/- 12 x 12 inches with a plastic board, measurements marked in inches and cms with grooves, guillotine style blade. It isn’t great – but not bad either.




  1. Thanks Jaya.

    Thank you also for the comment :-)

    I liked my flowers too... just that we need to know the right substitutes. I'd been drooling over the grunge paper flowers that everyone makes. Then I found the right handmade paper and viola!

    Please send me an email.. I don't have your correct email address and mails bounce back from the one I have.



Thanks so much for your comments :)


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