Thursday, February 11, 2010

Young love

Here is an Anniv card I made for a colleague. Used a digi-stamp – which was named Young Love – and hence the bog title! ha!. Now I am not able to find where I got this from.

ETA: Found the site… pieceandjoycrafts is where I got this digistamp

P1010005 - Copy (8)

The Young Loves are coloured with sketch pens and water colour pencils.

P1010006 - Copy (7)

The flowers from itsybitsy are mounted on a strip of jute I found in “Samrat” – Lakshmi Road, Pune

P1010007 - Copy (6)

This the shot – I am sooo working on – in every post - to show the layers :))) And fall short … hehee

Thanks for lookie-seeie.


  1. the layout of the card is really nice.... the jute is giving a lovely effect.. :)

  2. Super cute card. And I think I would vote this the best of all your cards (and I really did like many others!!). Wonderful layering.


  3. Btw, have you ever visited the handmade paper shop at F C Road? I used to go there while in college - 6/7 years ago :D; they had a super collection of paper!

  4. Jaya! This card is beautiful! You really made this stamp sing! Thanks for making it great. :)

    Piece & Joy


Thanks so much for your comments :)


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