Friday, January 29, 2010

Quick love ;)

Well.. this is just a quick card  :D

P1010004 - Copy (5)

A close up.. anyways, what’s with these close-up shots n me! duh!

P1010003 - Copy (6)

What went in :
Heart sticker – a small shop near my place
Papers – Venus Traders, Pune

Added a little dry hand embossing technique as here

Where do you get all these beautiful stickers in India – all ye wonderful Indian crafters?

PS: Second post of the day! Woweeee! :)


  1. this one s lovely!! Where do u stay now? So that i can know the name of the 'Small Secret Sticker Shop' ;)

  2. super cute!! I usually keep on looking for stickers in every stationery shop....n just grab whatever I like..........


Thanks so much for your comments :)


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