Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birthday Cupcake

Hero Arts have these wonderful Cupcake stamps. This is NOT one of them. But inspired by them.

Materials used: OLFA circle cutter, Fiskars scissors for the scallops, Printed out the sentiment.

Hope this helps when you are short of craft supplies :)

BdayCupCakeScan bday_cup_cakes

That’s my HP printer on which the cards are propped.

Thanks for looking and would love to hear from you :)



  1. Beautiful!! Love the cards, Jaya... And your scallop seems to be perfect! ;-)

  2. Really original JC :)

    I'd love to receive something like this (who wouldn't?) with a message that hand-written (nothing like it!)....of all the cards, I like these ones with the stamps & ribbon best(simple, elegant, beautiful)- there's another one with a butterfly stamp, right?

    Anyways, keep going. Don't ever stop...I'm seriously thinking of asking you to design my cards to the family or for family occasions ;) (I love cards and would love to treat them to something so special), when u start your business. Let me know when u do, I'll be your first customer :)

    love, Asha

  3. Lovely the cup-cake!!

  4. awesomenesseth ! :)


Thanks so much for your comments :)


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